A New Kind of Takeout: Montco Restaurants Transform Into Markets During Pandemic


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Image via Small Batch Kitchen.

Times, they certainly have changed. Where you might have sat with friends over beers or appetizers is now where you pick up eggs, ground beef, granola or jams, seafood, soups, paper products, and takeout lunches. Supporting local has taken on new meaning,

Montgomery County restaurants have turned to offering groceries to serve their customers, writes Michael Klein for the Philadelphia Inquirer. It has made more sense for local restaurants to offer groceries, because their dining rooms are no longer full due to the pandemic that just will not go away.

Small Batch Kitchen (located at 711 W. Main Street in Lansdale, 267-222-8546) This fun café has transformed themselves into a market offering all kinds of organic goodies—fresh meats, frozen meals and sauces, produce, even cleaning products.

Founding Farmers (located at 255 Main Street in King of Prussia, 484-808-4008) has always been the place for excellent farm-to-table dining and great cocktails, but dd in their market items and you’ve got it made. FF offers pretty much everything you need. Treat yourself and punch up your pantry with eggs, dairy, fruit, seafood, snacks, and more.

The Bakery House

The Bakery House (located at 604 W. Lancaster Avenue in Bryn Mawr, 610-525-4139) The Bryn Mawr bakery’s Essentials page includes berries, veggies, milk, butter, cheese, paper goods and masks.

Plus takeout of cakes, cookies, pies, and quiches. They are also offering dinners and sides for 2 and family size, including vegan, vegetarian and regular like Lentil Shepherd’s Pie, Beef Shepherd’s Pie and a full line of soups.

Steel City’s owners reside in Montco, and they know the importance of fresh groceries and coffee.

Steel City Coffeehouse (located at 203 Bridge Street in Phoenixville, 484-924-8425) is a brewery and coffeehouse and now home to their food market offering oatmeal, milk, eggs, cheese, granola, beer bread mixes, cookies, jams, honey and so much more!

Ruby Tuesday Who knew!? This chain restaurant offers a list of all kinds of market items like juices, milk, veggies, frozen meats, even paper goods. Find what you need at a local Ruby Tuesday’s and cook up a storm.

Read more about Montco restaurants turned markets here.

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