Family Comes First in Life and Football For Buffalo Bills’ Head Coach Sean McDermott of Lansdale


When Lansdale’s Sean McDermott chose to accept the position as the head coach of New York’s Buffalo Bills four years ago, staying close to his family was one of the deciding factors, writes Nick Fierro for the Bills Central.

All other openings that year, including Los Angeles Chargers and San Francisco 49ers, were too far from his hometown. His parents were also dreading the idea of their son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren moving to another time zone.

“As a father and as a grandparent, I was just hoping the [Buffalo job] would come to fruition,” said McDermott’s father, Rich.

McDermott talks to his parents three times a week during the season, including before and after each game. He will not even talk to the media before talking to his parents.

While some of the enjoyment has been marred by the coronavirus, as his parents and brother were not able to attend some of the team’s home games, this has not meant there were no celebrations after each victory.

“I’ll be honest with you,” said Rich, “we cried like two 70-plus-year-old babies after each [playoff] win.”

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