Meet Villanova’s Brother-Sister Basketball Duo–First Ever on Campus

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Villanova forward junior Cole Swider and Kylie.

Villanova University’s got a brother-sister basketball duo this year out on the courts.

The first ever, reports Jamie Apody for

Forward junior Cole Swider is joined by his new practice partner—sister Kylie.

“Initially, I was like ‘no way can I go there. I can’t follow him,'” Kylie said. “And then every place I went, in the back of my head, I said, ‘I want to go to Villanova. That’s where I belong.'”

Kylie agrees that Cole is the better shooter and defender, but both agree that Kylie’s killing it on the rebound.

It’s comforting to have her big brother on campus during the pandemic.

Their parents are five to six hours away so “just knowing if I need someone to talk to about basketball or anything, Cole is right down the street from me. I can just go see him,” Kylie said.

Cole gives Kylie the space she needs but he’s available for her, too.

“We sent our parents a selfie (of us on the court),” Kylie said. “My mom was on the verge of tears. She was so happy to see us together doing what we love.”

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