Lansdale’s Crazy Balloon Delivery Brings Joy to Local Nursing Homes Through ‘Adopt a Grandparent’ Program

Christine Tarlecki
Image via 6abc video.
Patricia Cole, a resident at The Landing of Towamencin, received a Crazy Balloon Delivery through its “Adopt a Grandparent" program.

Lansdale-based Crazy Balloon Delivery is bringing joy to residents of local nursing homes through its “Adopt a Grandparent” program, writes Matteo Iadonisi for 6abc.

Adopt a Grandparent and send him or her a Balloon Buddy.

The company is owned by Laura Swart, who came up with an idea on how to make days brighter for people who have not felt safe to hug a loved one for nine months.

“Basically, it’s where someone in the community, some of them complete strangers, adopt someone in a nursing home to send them a little extra TLC,” said Swart. “We get one nursing home fully adopted and then we go on to the next one.”

Customers can pay $25 to sponsor the creation and delivery of a “balloon buddy,” a smiling yellow inflatable that represents a symbolic surrogate for family members.

“I love him!” said Patricia Cole, a resident at The Landing of Towamencin. “I named him sunshine. He’s cheerful and he’s my friend, my new friend.”

Swart is hoping that the cheerful inflatables will bring smiles to the faces of more seniors. If the program grows large enough, she plans to extend it to healthcare and other frontline workers.

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