New Book By Local Historian Delves Into History of King of Prussia Mall


A Mall and Its Legacy, the new book written by King of Prussia’s Michael Shaw, delves into the history of the local shopping mecca, King of Prussia Mall.

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Shaw, who is a historian, spent four years researching the history of the mall, creating a comprehensive narrative of the renowned shopping venue.

The book goes back to the days when the mall was first being built, at a time when Upper Merion Township had just become a major intersection for key regional highways.

Since that time, the mall has become a community fixture which has created countless memories for people who have walked through its many different experiences.

In a Let’s Talk About It interview, Shaw gives a glimpse of the mall’s history and what he uncovered during his research.

And while he emphasized that today it is known as a destination for people from all over the country and even internationally, “from day one it was more of a regional destination for people who live in the area” because it was the first mall directly in the Philadelphia area and one of the earliest malls in Pennsylvania.