“Holidaying” at King of Prussia Mall: Making the Most of America’s Largest Mall in the Oddest of Christmas Seasons


I married an honest-to-goodness, true-blue Grinch.

Well, true-green Grinch.

My Grinch doesn’t enjoy Christmas carols, holiday shopping, or A Christmas Story.

I tell him his heart is two sizes too small. He says my heart is enlarged.

Last week, my middle-schooler told me he always detested sitting on Santa’s lap.

So I’m also raising a Grinch.

If you have the good fortune to find yourself in a jollier family than I, the following is the list you’ve been looking for, full of holiday experiences at the King of Prussia Mall to enjoy and savor.

Obviously, nobody in my house will be participating in any of the fun.

Be Perk-y

By joining Family at King of Prussia, you’ll receive information on family-friendly mall events, activities, even discounts. Membership is free; more information can be found here.

Here Comes Santa Claus

The big guy is at King of Prussia through December 24th.

Kids can’t sit on Santa’s lap this year, but they can have a socially distanced tete-a-tete.

King of Prussia Mall assures Santa’s guests they’ll have an enchanting encounter with St. Nick, even six feet apart. Reservations are “strongly encouraged” and can be made here.

King of Prussia is also hosting a Holiday Breakfast on December 12th and 19th. Holiday music and kid-friendly activities will occupy your little ones while you indulge in a delectable breakfast. COVID precautions will be in place. Tickets can be purchased here; proceeds go to Operation Warm.

There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays

If you, like I, feel safest at home, there’s still plenty to enjoy through King of Prussia.

Every weekend through December 20th, from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon, Santa is available for virtual chats. Reservations can be made here; proceeds go to various charities.

Your little ones can also send a letter to the North Pole. Letter templates can be printed at home or picked up curbside at King of Prussia. Get your letters back to the North Pole through email. They can also be dropped off curbside at King of Prussia. Everything you need to write to Santa can be found here.

Like the song goes, it may not seem like Christmas at all. King of Prussia aims to get you in the holiday spirit. COVID precautions employed by the mall can be found here.

You’ll have to find Grinch precautions on your own. Obviously, I’m no authority.