Haverford College Senior Runs a Free Tutoring Service for Frontline Families

Ken Knickerbocker

A Haverford College chemistry major has found a unique way to help the families of frontline workers during the pandemic, reports 6abc.com.

Senior Brett Mozarsky started Free for the Frontlines Tutors, a free tutoring service for the children of health care workers.

“I obviously saw on the news all the work and sacrifice that healthcare workers were putting in to keep us safe,” Mozarsky said.

His thinking was that the workers would be too busy in this crisis to offer their children the school help they’d need.

His tutoring offer was a way to show his appreciation.

He started out helping families in the health industry, but now he’s expanded to include all essential frontline workers.

“We want to make our services accessible to all frontline workers who have made tremendous sacrifices to protect us from COVID-19 and to keep us going throughout this pandemic,” he said.

Mozarsky started with five students. Today, he has 50.

His efforts earned him a spot on Good Morning America’s “Helping Heroes” segment.

Haverford College’s webpage also featured him in an August article.

Mozarsky said he plans to keep offering the tutoring service even when students are back in class.

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