Local Tutoring Company Gives Back, Aims to Build a School in Ghana

Teacher Time To Go, a tutoring company in Montgomery County and the Philadelphia Region, is partnering with Pencils of Promise to build a school in Ghana. Image via Jennifer Shemtob.
Jennifer Shemtob, Founder of Teacher Time To Go

Teacher Time To Go, a tutoring company in Montgomery County and the Greater Philadelphia Region, is partnering with Pencils of Promise, to build a school in Ghana.

With a dedication to the education of all children locally and globally, together Pencils of Promise and Teacher Time To Go have a goal of raising $50,000 by April of 2021 and hope to begin building the school in the Spring of 2021.

Over the last thirty years, every year for Hanukkah, Teacher Time To Go Founder Jennifer Shemtob and her family members receive a card from their grandfather that reads, “while it is nice to receive, it is even better to give back.”

As a family, they decide on a charity to donate to.

“This activity has stuck with me in whatever I do,” said Shemtob, “wherever I go, I always remember to give back.”

After teaching in Philadelphia for four years, and in Lower Merion for six years, Shemtob wanted to continue in the education field. She launched Teacher Time To Go to provide creative solutions and individualized learning for students.

Founded in 2008 by Adam Braun after backpacking through over 50 countries, Pencils of Promise is, “a global movement of passionate individuals…committed to supporting a world with greater educational opportunity for all,” said Braun.

As a “for purpose” organization, Pencils of Promise has built over 500 schools in Laos, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Ghana.

Having met Braun a few years ago at a weekend retreat, Shemtob always remembered his organization and decided that for Teacher Time To Go’s one year mark, she would give back on a larger scale.

In addition to accepting donations to reach the fundraising goal, a portion of all Teacher Time To Go tutoring sessions, homework club funds, and special events will go towards building the school in Ghana.

The fundraising goal includes the structural building of the school itself, desks, tables, chairs, and school supplies, as well as sanitation stations, bathrooms, and a lunch hall.

Learn more about Teacher Time To Go here and Pencils of Promise here.

Help change kids’ lives forever by donating here, and by sharing this message around to friends and family to join in making a difference.

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