Pottstown and Chestnut Hill Hospitals in Montgomery County Prepare for Sale or Closure

Image via Pottstown Hospital FaceBook page.

Residents in Montgomery County are bracing themselves for the impact of any potential sale or closure of Tower Health’s Pottstown Hospital and Chestnut Hill Hospital, writes Harold Brubaker for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The nonprofit that acquired the two Montgomery County region hospitals as well as three Chester County facilities three years ago is considering selling or even closing them in an attempt to recover from its huge debt load and massive losses that began even prior to the pandemic.

Pottstown Hospital, which has 232 beds, 9 operating rooms, and offers General Acute Care, is bracing itself for a possible closure or a sale with Chestnut Hill Hospital, which has 148 beds and also offers General Acute Care to the community.

If a buyer does come forth, there’s speculation that the focus would be for-profit, and not carry the same charity care that a non-profit would offer.

Tower, a non-profit, told municipal bond investors last month that it hasn’t ruled out closing hospitals it can’t sell.

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