Villanova Coach Jay Wright Admires His Players’ Mental Toughness in a Season of Uncertainty

Coach Jay Wright. Image via Tim Tai, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The impact of quarantine and positive COVID-19 test results for a few members of the Villanova basketball program does worry Villanova Wildcats coach Jay Wright, writes Joe Juliano for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

His team is considered a favorite for the Final Four next spring and it’s ranked No. 3 in the preseason.

But the team had to quarantine in September. That, plus cardiac testing, took his players away from practice for three weeks.

“The quarantine just really stressed these guys,” he said. “Not being able to play, watching it get dragged out on all their teammates and us having six guys at practice, then not being able to see their families, not being able to see their girlfriends, taking all their classes online, not having the interactions they normally have as college kids.”

Wright said his players have stayed in their team bubble to be able to practice and play, sacrificing a typical college life.

He’s concerned about his players’ mental health this season but admires them for how mentally tough they’ve been dealing with the uncertainty.  That could make the difference, keeping them disciplined and focused.

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