Royersford’s Sweet Ashley’s Chocolates’ Chocolate Bomb Offers a Surprise and Warmth

cocoa bombs

By Christine Tarlecki

In the mood for chocolate? I know just the place.

On the far side of 422 in Limerick Square Shopping Center, resides Sweet Ashley’s chocolate shoppe (70 Buckwalter Road, Unit 508 in Royersford). I was here on a mission—to find the latest TikTok trend: The Hot Chocolate Bomb.

Inside the store, however, I found much more than I was looking for. Owners Connie and Rob talked about beginning their business and where they’d landed today.

Connie Lawson always had a love for chocolate. Going on a tour to a candy factory as a child, she declared—that’s what I want to do! But life got in the way and she found herself only able to create chocolate treats for family and friends at the holidays. With a demanding career in the pharmaceutical industry, she opted for store-bought gifts one year, and everyone’s disappointment was obvious. Where was the chocolate, Connie?!

This made a big impression, and she knew what she had to do. She made a vast career change and Sweet Ashley’s was born, with Connie and husband Rob opening their store in 2005 on Main Street in Royersford.

Sweet Ashley’s, named after the couple’s daughter, quickly became a sought-after treat spot.

Connie creates all kinds of out-of-the-box chocolate confections, like the locally named Schuylkill Mud™. This crunchy concoction of potato chips, peanut butter, pretzels, and toffee is sure to satisfy any sweet-and-salty tooth. It’s even caught on in other parts of the state, with the name changed for local rivers in those areas.

After about 13 years in their first location, Connie and Rob moved their chocolate operation to Limerick Square. A larger store and kitchen and more ample parking has definitely helped since COVID hit. Customers can call or order online, choose a time to pick up, and they will run their chocolates out to you in your car—it’s no contact and curbside shopping at its finest.

Just about every kind of chocolate confection is to be had here, from specialty corporate thank-you gifts, to wedding party items, to chocolate-covered peanut butter-dipped Oreos, truffles, malt balls, caramels, chocolate-covered pretzels, even Chocolate Dipped Swedish Fish and Muddy Apples™. Imagination has come to life in this store in the most mouth-watering way possible.

For the holidays, Halloween and Fall items are done in creepy delight, with chocolate mummies, ghosts, werewolves, but don’t be scared, these treats are delicious!

Christmas is represented too, with a tasty Advent calendar, boxed chocolates, and chocolate-covered fruits and nuts, which is perfect for all the people on your gift list. Shopping at Sweet Ashley’s feels like visiting friends you’ve known a long time, and you get to leave with amazingly good items.

At home, I created my hot chocolate bomb with hot milk poured over the large chocolate ball, and surprise! Out pops the marshmallows. The milk chocolate bomb, made with cocoa powder and milk chocolate, was delicious and sure to be the top holiday treat we all want to find under the tree this year.

Start your holiday shopping early and buy treats for all your family and friends at Sweet Ashley’s, and be sure to get just a few chocolates for yourself. After this year, you deserve it!

*Please check with Sweet Ashley’s regarding any chocolate and gift availability, curbside pickup, mask requirements, social distancing, and other COVID-19 protocols. Please respect the establishments that you visit.



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