Narberth Dentist Invents Tool to Protect Patients from Potential COIVD-19 Exposure

Bailey Dickerson

MB Dental Solutions has invented a tool that makes it possible for dentists to perform routine care while protecting themselves, their staff, and patients from potential COVID-19 exposure, writes Queen Muse for the Philadelphia Magazine.

Mindy Benjamini, a Narberth dentist, spent most of March worried that her dentist career was over. At the time, all non-emergency procedures had been suspended and dentists were left struggling to find ways to safely continue providing dental care.

So Benjamini began brainstorming and came up with a tool to prevent the nearly omnipresent droplets and spray from spreading throughout the office during dental procedures. After months of working on prototypes, Benjamini finally created a product she believed was strong enough to manufacture.

PatientsShield consists of a flexible polycarbonate shield, thin polyethylene sheets, and a suction funnel. This prevents spray and splatter from entering the air without obscuring the view for the dentist.

“Many dentists are doing the right things to protect their patients,” said Benjamini. “But this is an actual physical thing that makes patients feel safe because it’s not invisible to them. They see that we are containing it.”

Read more about MB Dental Solutions at the Philadelphia Magazine by clicking here.

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