Hatboro Dentist Reopens His Practice on Limited Basis But At Steep Cost


Dr. Larry Krevitz, a Hatboro staple for more than three decades, has reopened his dental practice on a limited basis after two months, but at a steep cost, writes John George for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

In addition to having to spend thousands of dollars on new safety measures, he is looking at increased operating costs and reduced revenue for the foreseeable future. He has also implemented new policies and procedures for his patients and staff.

Still, he is happy to be at work where he can again interact with patients and staff, something he dearly missed.

“I have spent my career trying to break the image of the cold lifeless dentist who never interacts,” said Krevitz. “My patients know I care for them, feel for them, and miss them. That goes for the dental family that is my staff too.”

He is also happy to once again be able to enjoy the “intellectual challenge” of diagnosing problems and finding innovative treatment options for his patients.

“There is often no clear-cut choice of treatment, so coming up with solutions to problems is a joy,” he said.

Read more about Larry Krevitz at the Philadelphia Business Journal by clicking here.

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