Local High School Coaches Reiterate Importance of Football

Wissahickon High School - PA Prep Live - MONTCO.Today
Cheltenham head football coach Ryan Nase and Wissahickon’s head coach Bruce Fleming talk about the importance of football to many students. Image via PA Prep Live.

Many local football head coaches are passionate about having a high school season this year due to its importance to many students, writes Ed Morlock for the PA Prep Live.

“For certain kids in Cheltenham and particularly for a significant amount of kids in Philly, they view football as their only way out,” said Cheltenham head football coach Ryan Nase.

And while academics are just as important, without “football there is a lot of loss of motivation for that academic success as well,” he added.

Wissahickon’s head coach Bruce Fleming is especially worried about students who will be playing at FCS level.

“A lot of those guys,” said Fleming, “their opportunity comes from playing their senior year.”

There is also the fear that teams in other states will be playing this season and getting their students’ senior tapes out to schools – while local students will not have the same opportunity.

“I understand the physical safety — it is No. 1 — but you’re talking about a potential loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars for poor young black kids who need these opportunities in the Philadelphia area,” said Nase.

Read more about the coaches at the PA Prep Live by clicking here.

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