With Outdoor Dining Now Available, King of Prussia Restaurants Seeing Promising Bump in Business, Revenue


Now that Montgomery County has moved into the yellow phase of COVID-19 recovery which allows outdoor dining, restaurant owners in King of Prussia are seeing a promising bump in business and revenue, writes Laura Smythe for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Family-run Italian restaurant Peppers by Amedeo’s doubled its business after opening its outdoor area on Saturday. Up until then, the restaurant was only making around 10 percent of its pre-pandemic numbers through its takeout-only model.

The eatery has expanded its outdoor seating area while strictly following social distancing guidelines. Before the pandemic, the restaurant had six tables on its patio. Now it has removed two of those tables but added nine more to its side parking lot.

Meanwhile, at King of Prussia Town Center, Founding Fathers has put together a tented patio with around 80 seats in its parking lot. The eatery stayed busy over the weekend, and found the demand for outdoor dining higher than they could keep up with.

Dan Simons, owner of Farmers Restaurant Group, said that while this is not a long-term solution, it is definitely “a step in the right direction.”

Read more about outdoor dining at the Philadelphia Business Journal by clicking here.

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