Downingtown’s HuddleCamHD to Offer Full Day of Professional Development for Video Communicators

Image via Haverford Systems.

With online meetings literally consuming our lives these past several months, have you ever considered spending time on professional development for online communications?

Take a minute and think about how you’re presenting yourself on video. Are you constantly anxious about being on camera? What’s your communication style, and why should it matter?

To inspire and engage video communicators, the teams at camera manufacturer HuddleCamHD, a subsidiary of Downingtown-based Haverford Systems, and AV distributor Starin are sponsoring the Presence Summit, a full day of professional development and interactive exercises. To be held virtually on Wednesday, July 15, the Presence Summit will showcase the new opportunities that online meetings can provide you and your teams.

Hear directly from communications experts and industry professionals from Zoom, who will cover topics relevant to almost everyone today. Topics and sessions include best practices for video conferences, getting comfortable on camera, and delivering powerful presentations. Well-known authors Joseph Pine (The Experience Economy) and Fatima Doman (Authentic Resilience) will be keynote speakers.

The live stream is free, while a professional development track option is available, with access to Zoom breakout sessions.

The day’s topics will cover the importance of recognizing subtle, non-verbal communication cues, utilizing personal strengths for greater collaboration, and creating powerful presentations. Group exercises will help attendees better understand their unique communication styles and learn how they can effectively engage those with opposing styles. Following the Presence Summit, participants should be able to take the skills they learn back to their teams to further collective understanding and better video communication experiences company wide.

To celebrate and complement this virtual experience, leading up to the event, attendees can get a free copy of The Online Meeting Survival Guide written by Paul Richards, the business development manager at HuddleCamHD. The book serves as the pivotal guidebook to help people navigate this new normal of video communication. Readers can dive into best practices for using some of these software tools, while also gaining insight into what makes online meetings more productive.

Click here to check out the full schedule for the Presence Summit. Click here to register for the Zoom breakout sessions.

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