Best Methods for Combating Spotted Lanternfly During Nymph Stage

The best way to combat spotted lanternfly during its current nymph stage is using manual methods such as sticky bands, circle traps, and squishing.

Research conducted by the experts at Giroud Tree and Lawn in cooperation with Penn State University’s Department of Entomology and Cooperative Extension has determined that the best way to combat spotted lanternfly during its current nymph stage with manual methods.

Research determined that the best time to control spotted lanternfly is during its adult stage. However, an exception is warranted when the nymph population is high enough to cause feeding damage, like wilting stems, or when they are targeting individual plants.

Using insecticides is discouraged because in addition to spotted lanternfly nymphs, it can kill beneficial insects and pollinators, including bees and butterflies.

One of the recommended methods is sticky bands, easily found at most hardware stores or online. They are easily installed, but require regular changing each week.

However anyone concerned about trapping small animals have another solution available.

“This new style trap is made of plastic-coated insect screening and does not use any sticky material at all,” according to Penn State researchers. “It is basically a tunnel that SLFs walk into. When they move upward in the trap, they end up in a dead-end collection container where they die.”

Finally, a good old-fashioned squishing is another good way to go at this stage.

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