Fitness and Wellness Tips for Golfers


By Wendi Rank

For golfers, there’s benefit in a healthy lifestyle – a stronger game.

Eating well and exercise can improve endurance and skill, says MONTCO Golf. The Mayo Clinic encourages tracking diet and activity through smart-phone apps or daily planners.

Apply a range of exercises. According to the Mayo Clinic, strengthening your core – the gluteal and torso muscles- supports balance and stability. MONTCO Golf favors exercise balls for core work, noting the benefit to stance and swing.

Strengthen other muscles through resistance bands, says MONTCO Golf. The Mayo Clinic is a proponent of these rubber band-like cables. They oppose movements, forcing muscles to work harder.

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Flexibility, says MONTCO Golf, is integral for a strong game. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute suggests yoga for limber joints. Yoga can help maintain focus, something MONTCO Golf says may bolster mood when you’re having a bad game.

MONTCO Golf advises stretching during golf, and ditching your golf cart in favor of walking the course. Stay hydrated, even after hiking the course. The Mayo Clinic emphasizes dehydration has already set in by the time you’re thirsty.

Sun protection is imperative to health. The Mayo Clinic advises keeping your head, arms, and legs covered. Wear sunscreen, and use sunglasses with UV protection. The sun is strongest from the hours of 10 A.M. through 4 P.M., so schedule that tee time early.

Finally, work on your grip. Keeping your hands strong and flexible benefits your swing and follow-through, says MONTCO Golf. Commercial devices like grippers could be a golfer’s best friend.

Find more on MONTCO Golf below. The Mayo Clinic offers tips for a healthy lifestyle here.

Click here for the NIH-affiliated website National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s recommendations. A dietary planner can be downloaded here.

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