Mobility Index Shows Philadelphia Suburbs Are Being Consistent in Adhering To Movement Restrictions


Cuebiq’s Mobility Index Analysis shows that the Philadelphia suburbs are adhering to movement restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic better than the majority of the state.

Cuebiq recently provided free access to mobility patterns during the ongoing worldwide crisis to show which areas are taking the stay-at-home restrictions seriously, and where officials need to spend more time educating residents who are not.

It also provided access to store visitation patterns to help businesses adjust their strategies to align with the new and uncertain market.

The company tracks distance traveled by mobile devices nationwide and provides a median measure – or the Mobility Index – at the country, state, and county level.

These changes in mobility are measured on a weekly and daily basis.

For the last week, Montgomery County reported a drop in mobility of 66 percent over the previous week. This was the second-highest week-over-week change statewide.

Mobility in Chester County for last week also dropped by 63.9 percent compared to the previous week, putting it in third place.

Meanwhile, Delaware County recorded a significant week-over-week mobility decrease with 57.8 percent less than the previous week. This placed Delaware County in fifth place statewide.