Historic Arcadia Gateway Arch Being Taken Down Ahead of Reconstruction

Image via Arcadia University

The historic Arcadia Gateway Arch on Easton Road is being taken down ahead of its reconstruction that as part of the University’s master planning process, writes Caitlin Burns for the Arcadia University News.

The arch was closed to pedestrian traffic in November, when Facilities Management started an evaluation of its stability.

It was concluded that to ensure the safety of the campus community, the arch needed to be taken down. However, before the deconstruction began, every stone and limestone was laser scanned and then cataloged to create a map of the arch. Afterward, all of the elements were individually removed, cleaned, and stored in sequential order.

“We anticipate that the new archway will be built with modern materials, possibly a combination of poured reinforced concrete and cinder block as a center structure, with the existing historic schist stone being applied as a veneer,” said Tom Macchi, associate vice president of Arcadia’s Facilities Management and Capital Planning.

The design of the reconstruction is still being finalized and is expected to be finished in several weeks. The archway project will remain consistent with the overall design of the campus.

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