Idlewild Farm Preserve in Bryn Mawr Perfect Place For Humans and Animals to Hang Out

A donkey stand near a fence on a cloudy day at the Idlewild Farm Preserve in Bryn Mawr. Image via Monica Herndon, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Idlewild Farm Preserve in Bryn Mawr is a perfect place for both humans and nearby animals to hang out and enjoy the beautiful surrounding nature, writes Mari A. Schaefer for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The 26-acre parcel is part of 400 acres that were deeded to Welsh farmer Robert Lloyd in 1698. He built a loft house on the property, which was then expanded after his death by his wife, Lowry, and her new husband.

Over the centuries, the farm has changed owners several times. Other changes came as well, including rebuilding the barn using stone and connecting the two portions of the farmhouse.

In 1983, the now 26-acre farm was placed on the National Register of Historic Places as a good example of a turn-of-the-century country gentlemen’s estate.

Seven years on, the latest in the long line of owners, Dorothy Love Saunders, transferred 21.2 acres of the property, including its farm buildings, to Natural Lands to be kept as a preserve.

Later, the main house and its surrounding lots were sold to form an endowment for the preservation.

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