Norristown Resident, Former Newspaper Delivery Driver Invents Handy Hook to Prevent Chaos in the Car

Norristown's Geraldo Gonzalez, inventor of The Handy Hook.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention.

Having for years delivered newspapers – the New York Times and Philadelphia Inquirer among them – Norristown’s Geraldo Gonzalez became obsessed with figuring out a way to organize them without creating chaos in his car.

The 45-year-old Gonzalez tinkered with suction cups and Velcro, before inventing The Handy Hook, a product that is sure to make life easier for messengers, couriers, and delivery drivers.

“For delivery drivers, papers move around, shift a lot when you make turns,” said Gonzalez. “And if you have to take your hands off the wheel to prevent something from falling, that’s dangerous.”

The Handy Hook is a multi-purpose, detachable utility hook designed for use in motor vehicles with a free-standing version produced for countertop use as well. It is designed primarily for delivery drivers who bag newspapers, phone books, and other materials for home or business delivery.


The Handy Hook is also a great automotive accessory for holding a trash bag or securing plastic shopping bags after a trip to the supermarket.

“The Handy Hook literally confines papers, products, and other items in one place in the car,” said Gonzalez. “It attaches to the dashboard or windshield in order to hold bags. It also works on a flat surface.

“Either way, it is adjustable and will fit any model vehicle. It is the very best tool to make bagging of delivery materials work easily, but it also will hold a bag of snacks or can be used as a trash bag on an extended road trip.”

The Handy Hook rod is fabricated in a durable plastic polymer, and is flat on the bottom to maximize support when supported from the dashboard. The telescoping rod is adjustable and extends to approximately 30 inches in length.

Televised test marketing has recently been completed, and it has indicated strong consumer interest in the product.

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