Pottstown-Based American Keg’s Claims of Unfair Trade Practices Regarding Imported Beer Kegs Have Merit

Paul Czachor, CEO of American Keg. American Keg has taken on Budweiser and others that sell beer in imported kegs, and the U.S. Commerce Department is siding with the Pottstown manufacturer. Image via CBSPhilly.

Pottstown-based American Keg, the only company in the country that still makes stainless steel beer kegs, has taken on Budweiser and other beer giants over their sale of beer in imported kegs, writes Bob Fernandez for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Last year, the manufacturer filed anti-dumping complaints against Chinese, German, and Mexican keg makers.

Now, the U.S. Commerce Department has found merit in its claims of unfair trade practices and is poised to impose harsh duty penalties on foreign-made kegs in December.

Many of the breweries nationwide, such as St. Louis-based Anheuser-Busch, are opposing the penalties on keg imports and have warned of possible increases in beer prices.

However, some craft breweries in the Philadelphia area are rooting for the local manufacturer that currently employs 32 people.

“I hope they make it,” said Brian O’Reilly, a brewmaster and partner at Mainstay Independent Brewing. “They are a Pennsylvania company and we are a Pennsylvania company.”

American Keg launched its business in Pottstown three years ago, after the current owners bought out the assets of a former keg importer.

Read more about the issue at The Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.



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