Wall Street Journal: Warminster Manufacturer Helps to Add the Finishing Touch to Local Car Sales

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The local company specializes in a special touch to a major purchase.

A Bucks County company has become known for adding a special touch to a major purchase, but the current economy is affecting their business. Jon Pinsker wrote about the local company in The Wall Street Journal.

The Car Bow Store, located at 440 Nina Way in Warminster, specializes in making the decorative plus-sized bows that come with the purchase of a new car. A long-standing tradition for car dealerships everywhere, the Bucks County company has been in business with car sellers for years.

With a recent turn in the economy, however, the business is seeing changes that might affect their niche market. Michael Rudolph, the president of the company, reports that their sales have declined. He will not know by how much until the year is over.

Despite this, car dealers, sellers, and buyers are still looking for a way to make the special purchase even more special and companies like the Car Bow Store will continue to make those occasions special for as long as they can.

Read more about the company and their bows in The Wall Street Journal.

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