Abington High School Senior In Desperate Need of Bone Marrow Donor

Juwan Adams. Image via Fox29 Philadelphia.

Juwan Adams, a 17-year-old Abington High School student fighting Hodgkin’s lymphoma, is in desperate need of a compatible bone marrow donor, writes Joyce Evans for the FOX29 Philadelphia.

The popular and accomplished senior who was recently inducted into the National Honor Society was first diagnosed with the blood cancer when he was 13, but managed to fight off the disease using his own cells. At the time, his positive attitude made him the face of CHOP’s Cancer Center website.

Sadly, he returned to Hodgkin’s this May, and now his only hope of beating the disease is finding an unrelated bone marrow donor.

“The number of minorities on the national registry in the United States is small so finding donors who can match some of our minority patients is very challenging,” said Adams’ pediatric oncologist Dr. Susan Rheingold.

Not giving up, his family, friends, and everybody at his high school have gone into search mode hoping to find a donor.

“People are starting to wake up and realize kids more and more are dying each day and if they have a chance to do something they should take every step they can,” said Adams.

Read more about Juwan Adams at the FOX29 Philadelphia by clicking here.

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