Philadelphia Runner Coming To King of Prussia Mall

Philadelphia Runner is opening a new location in the King of Prussia mall. Image via Liz Pagonis, Philadelphia Runner.

Philadelphia Runner, a popular local athletic gear and footwear store, is opening a store in King of Prussia Mall, writes Mary Clare Fischer for the Philadelphia Magazine.

For the local running community, Philadelphia Runner is much more than just a store. The retailer provides training and coaching and customizes the fit of its shoes by watching the customer run and conducting on the spot gait analysis.

It is also a hub for information about local events and community groups.

The new store will be the retailer’s fifth location and is scheduled to open on Nov. 7.

In addition to providing the extensive shoe-fitting process, the King of Prussia location will also put even more focus on apparel and accessories.

Also, due to the proximity of Valley Forge National Historical Park and the Chester Valley Trail, the store plans to highlight trail running gear. However, the company is still doing research on what type of customers to expect at the store and will then adjust accordingly.

“Our goals are always to be more inclusive and reach a more diverse person,” said Liz Pagonis, Philadelphia Runner outreach and marketing director.

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