Kennett Square Woman One of Several Entrepreneurs Finding New Uses for Shuttered Gas Stations

Image via worKS.

In an increasingly competitive market that has seen many gas stations close for good, local entrepreneurs are finding new uses for the structures, writes Katie Park for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Three years ago, Tara Dugan was looking for a building to open a boutique in when she saw a decades-old gas station on a lightly traveled road in Kennett Square. She immediately saw potential in the structure.

“I was looking for a place to bring together local makers, and I was pretty specific that I wanted it to be a one-floor building,” said Dugan.

The building at the gas station checked all the boxes, and the former Philadelphia attorney was soon opening her boutique, worKS.

“Nobody was paying attention to this building,” said Dugan. “But I think what used to be seen as challenges are now distinct advantages.”

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