Achillion Pharmaceuticals relocates from Connecticut to Blue Bell

Achillion (NASDAQ: ACHN) is focused on developing new treatments for diseases of the complement system, which is a key part of a person's innate immune system. (MONTCO.Today file photo.)

They say when it comes to real estate, location is everything.  And that was the motivating force behind Achillion Pharmaceuticals’ move from New Haven, Conn. to a 12,000-square food office in Blue.

The biopharmaceutical company, with growth in its plans, has moved its executive offices and clinical operations to Montgomery County and will continue to maintain a “significant” research presence in New Haven, where it also has about 30 employees. Joe Truitt, Achillion’s president and CEO, said the move to Blue Bell was done with future hiring in mind, writes John George in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

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“Ttalent is readily accessible here and that’s not something to be underestimated,” Truitt said. “Our business is complex and to be successful you have to have experienced people. Our average employee has 20 years. In order to get those kind of people here you need to be in the Philadelphia area. I’ve got Merck up in West Point and Johnson & Johnson in Spring House and Pfizer in Collegeville. This is a great area for commercial talent, for people who have developed and commercialized drugs,” Truitt said.

“Blue Bell has good access to airports — Philly and Newark — that provide us with multiple options for international and domestic travel,” he said. “We wholly own our assets and are developing them on a global basis so we need to have convenient access to flights to Asia and Europe.  We also spend a significant amount of time traveling between Boston, New Haven, New York and Washington, D.C. — so the Amtrak trains in Trenton and 30th Street are very important.”

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