Pediatric dentist proves education is key to good dental hygiene

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Dr. Kailey Housley may be a pediatric dentist for Children’s Dental Health, a network with more than 20 practices throughout the Greater Philadelphia region, including ones in Ambler, Limerick, and Plymouth Meeting.

But given the extra time she spends informing patients and parents about issues that may affect a child’s dental health, she could also double as a teacher, writes Bill Donahue for Suburban Life Magazine.

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“It’s all about creating a dialogue,” said Housley. “If there’s an issue with a patient’s tooth, I like to bring the parent back and show them what it is and explain to them what caused the issue and then provide them with all the options, so they can make decisions about what to do next. That’s one of the most important things a pediatric dentist can do: Tell parents the pros and cons and then let them make an informed decision for their children.”

Housley, whose mother was an elementary school teacher, has always harbored a love for learning, and so teaching comes natural to her. In fact, she was an associate professor teaching pediatric dentistry at the University of Buffalo, where she did her residency.

Housley handles routine checkups and cleanings to metal-free fillings and dental extractions at Children’s Dental Health.

“As a mom, I try to teach other parents extra things that can help them improve their children’s dental hygiene,” she said. “I try to go out of my way for every child, because I truly love the work and care about each child.”

“We’re very proud of Dr. Kailey’s hard work … as well as her strong relationships with patients and parents in the community,” said Kelly Raible, the director of marketing for Children’s Dental Health. “As we continue to grow and open new offices, our focus more than ever is on doing what’s right for the patient and making care as accessible as possible.”

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