Tech Talk: EIR Healthcare unveils modular hospital room

EIR Healthcare has deveoped a prototype of a modular hospital room that it says will save on construction costs while offering patients smart technology. (Photo courtesy of EIR Healthcare.)

EIR Healthcare, Philadelphia-based company, rolled out the prototype of its its first offerinng Wednesday: a prefabricated, modular hospital room that goes by the name of MedModular.

The unveiling took place in a Delaware County warehouse, writes Roberto Torres at

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EIR is hoping hospitals will see the advantage of the prefab hospital rooms, which it says can save construction costs while offering patients the use of pre-wired technology such as monitoring devices to prevent falls, a smart TV that educates them on their conditions and specially designed surfaces that reduce the risk of infections.

“With the completion of our first prototype, we’ve proven that a modular and smart hospital room is possible – and given its benefits to both the hospital management and patients it should be the only option worth considering when building new hospital construction from this point forward,” said Grant Geiger, founder and CEO of EIR Healthcare.

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