‘Best Colleges’ list includes best value for your buck

MONEY has developed a comprehensive analysis to help you determine what makes a college the best deal for parents and students. (Image courtesy pixabay.com)

Spoiler Alert: College is expensive.

With Ivy League perennial Princeton topping the list of the best colleges in the country, it’s no wonder the best and the most expensive are often synonymous.

Princeton University, which tops MONEY’s Best Colleges list for the third straight year, hits the trifecta. It excels academically, with small classes and world-class professors. It has an outstanding financial aid program that delivers grants to 60% of its freshmen — a higher share than at other Ivy League schools — and that generally covers tuition for families earning up to $160,000. And it produces successful graduates, who snag competitive, high-paying jobs within a few years of leaving school, according to a story on time.com/money

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The challenge for families is figuring out which is which: What makes a college the best deal?

MONEY has developed a comprehensive analysis to help you determine just that. Our rankings — you can see the whole list here — identify colleges that have a strong record of helping students graduate and preparing them for jobs at which they’ll earn enough to pay off their debt. (Monmouth, for instance, lands at No. 358 — just about the midpoint of this year’s list.)

To see the complete list click here. 

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