Open Systems Healthcare attracts, retains, young talent

Open Systems Healthcare supplies employees with Fitbits in order to foster health and wellness in its workforce. (Image via

This Bala Cynwyd based companies knows the key to retaining young talent.

Mark Fiato, CEO of Open Systems Healthcare, routinely sends his employees surveys to solicit feedback about working at the company. He responds to what he hears, and is particularly in tune with the priorities of his largely millennial workforce, writes Linda Moss for

“I’m a big proponent of understanding what our people are thinking continuously, and I want to hear that directly from them and not through a filter,” Fiato said.

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His philosophy has resonated with Open Systems’ employees, which is why the (Montgomery County)based company won both the No. 1 large company spot and also the “leadership” special award in this year’s Top Workplaces, a ranking based on employee surveys, the story continues.

Under Fiato’s helm, the home-care firm is now supplying employees with Fitbits in order to foster health and wellness in its workforce.

Fiato said he is also looking to address the concerns raised in his most recent survey, which found that employees weren’t happy with their workspaces.

“Now we’re going through the process of looking at things like standing work stations,” Fiato said.

The average age of Open Systems’ workforce is 27, and Fiato is keenly focused on attracting and retaining young, vibrant employees. To do that, he said he recognizes that demographic’s main priority is to strike a healthy balance between work and life.

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