After Some Growing Pains and Voter Feedback, Montgomery County Prepares Improvements to New Paper Ballot System

Montgomery County is ready to implement a number of improvements to its new paper ballot voting system following its rocky start in the May election. (Image The Inquirer)

Montgomery County is ready to implement several improvements to its new paper ballot system after its rocky initiation during the May primary election, writes Jonathan Lai for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

When Gov. Tom Wolf ordered all 67 counties to replace their systems with more-secure ones that leave a paper trail, Montgomery County implemented a new hand-marked paper ballot system that has voters fill in bubbles on a large piece of paper. The paper is then fed into a scanner that counts their votes.

However, some voters and poll workers reported several issues with the system, including its lack of privacy, long lines, untrained poll workers, and invasive warning messages.

Following months-long efforts to solicit feedback, county officials are now ready to implement improvements starting with the November election.

The county will add more scanners, as chokepoints came from the slow scanning process of filled ballots. The county also plans to increase and improve training for poll workers, and remove the warning that occurred when voters did not fill their entire ballot.

Finally, the physical privacy of the ballots will be increased.

Read more about the planned improvements at The Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.

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