Greater Philadelphia Region’s Success Driven by Higher Education

The Greater Philadelphia region’s success is being driven by the quality of its higher education that includes four of country’s best universities.

The economic strength of the Greater Philadelphia region is being driven by the talent created and shaped at the wide range of colleges and universities in the area, writes Rob Wonderling for Metro.

The region, well known for its success in manufacturing, life sciences, and technology, is home to 103 colleges that play a crucial role in its thriving economy. Together they teach over half a million students, creating the fourth-largest metropolitan university population in the country.

Four of the top 20 universities nationwide: Haverford College; Princeton University; Swarthmore University; and the University of Pennsylvania are also located here.

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In addition to nurturing young talent, the area’s educational institutions also make an enormous financial contribution to the regional and state economy. For example, Drexel University generated $1.5 billion within Philadelphia and $2.4 billion within Pennsylvania in 2012 alone.

Having such a wide range of educational institutions also draws in students from around the world, with many of them opting to stay after graduation to establish and grow both their careers and lives. This retention of young talent is a big part of the reason why the region continues to have one of the fastest-growing millennial populations nationwide.

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