Haverford College Tradition Brings Together Current Seniors with Graduates from 50 Years Ago


Isabel Agnew is amused by a Wawa ad in a Haverford College yearbook of 50 years ago. Haverford College’s over 100 year tradition brings seniors and graduates from fifty years ago together for a night of shared insight, hope, and history. (Image via Philly.com)

A little known Haverford College tradition brought together current seniors and graduates from fifty years ago for a night of shared insight, hope, and history on Thursday, writes Jeff Gammage for Philly.com.

The tradition was started at the end of the Civil War by members of the Class of 1867. They made a pact to return to Haverford College 50 years later and meet up with members of the Class of 1917. They kept that promise and it has been honored ever since.

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The graduates of 1967 reminisced about their time when they were eager newbies welcoming graduates from 1917. Robert Singley, who is a now retired San Francisco lawyer, was among the seniors who participated that night. “Now the tables are turned,” he said.

However, it is not the thing that has changed. Haverford College was established in 1833 as an all-white, all-male Quaker institution. Today it is a model of diversity with over a third of its student’s people of color, while half are women.

“Maybe in 50 years,” said senior Isabel Agnew who is currently doing a major in the classics, “I can come back and do this.”

Read more about the inspiring tradition at Philly.com by clicking here.

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