Villanova University Ranked Top 5 for Best Value Colleges in Pennsylvania

Villanova University ranked fifth among the best value colleges in Pennsylvania in a recent study by SmartAsset.

Montgomery County students searching for a good collage education at a decent price can stay nearby as Villanova University has ranked fifth on the list of best value colleges in Pennsylvania, according to a staff report from SmartAsset.

To create the list of best value schools, SmartAsset looked at five key factors: tuition, student living costs, scholarship and grant options, retention rate, and average starting salary. The first three weigh the cost of attending each school, while the other two reflect other key factors.

Starting salary, tuition, and living costs were given a 25 percent weighting, while scholarships/grants and student retention rate were awarded 12.5 percent each.

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Villanova University, which has an average of $28,855 in scholarship and grants, $44,430 in college tuition expenses and a $58,600 average starting salary after graduation, came fifth on the list. The schools’ ranking was helped by its high retention rate of 96 percent.

Villanova also ranked in the top 100 slotting into 84th place with a score of 56.05. According to the study, the top ranked school based on value for money statewide it turns out is Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University.

Read more about the best value colleges in Pennsylvania at SmartAsset by clicking here.

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