SEI Partners with Drexel University to Enhance End-Client Experience

Oaks’ SEI has partnered with Drexel University on an interactive usability study to help enhance end-client experiences with SEI Wealth Platform.

Oaks’ SEI has announced the results of its interactive usability study done in partnership with Drexel University, to help improve the end-client experience on its Wealth Platform.

The study was created as a Corporate and Executive Education project in the Behavioral Science Laboratory of Drexel’s LeBow College of Business. It used brain imaging to calculate cognitive functions in test subjects as they used the consumer-facing wealth management portal of the SEI platform.

“This strategic partnership with Drexel University supports SEI’s commitment to continuously improving our solution through cutting-edge technology and direct user experience and engagement testing,” said Joseph P. Ujobai, Executive Vice President of SEI and Head of SEI’s Private Banking business.

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Foregoing the traditional methods of usability testing, Drexel implemented this innovative approach by combining ergonomics with neuro-ergonomics by using functional near-infrared spectroscopy to measure brain activity.

The study showed that around 90 percent of non-SEI employees would recommend the wealth management portal to others and that the new portal experience was nearly twice as efficient for consumers as the previous version.

In addition, it proved that showing clients their wealth goals and their attainability was more motivational. In fact, many stated they would come back to the site specifically to view their goals.

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Top photo credit: Montgomery County Planning Commission SEI via photopin (license)

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