Pennsylvanians to Say Goodbye to Printed Phone Books

Verizon has been granted approval by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to discontinue the mass distribution of printed phone books.

Pennsylvanians who still want to receive printed yellow pages and business white pages phone books will now have to request them from Verizon, writes Bob Fernandez for

At the end of last month, the telecommunication company was granted approval by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to cease mass delivery of phone books.

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However, the approval requires Verizon to ship free phone books or thumb drives with residential and business directory information to residents upon request. The regulatory relief on phone books was also granted to CenturyLink, which serves a number of counties in rural central and western Pennsylvania.

However DexYP, which prints and distributes the phone books for the two companies, said that this is not the end for the printed directories. A number of Pennsylvania residents will still receive the ad-supported yellow pages and white pages.

“It’s not complete deregulation,” said Mike Konidaris, DexYP’s director of print services, distribution, telephone company relations, and listing acquisitions. But “it allows us to manage the decline of the product.”

Free printed directories or computer thumb drives containing directories can now be requested using 800-888-8448. The directories are also available at

Read more about the decision to discontinue printed phone books at by clicking here.

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