Glenside Attorney Remembers Some of His Most Notorious Clients

Attorney Brian P. McVan, who has been practicing law in Glenside for over three decades, recently recalled some of his most notorious clients. (image via Chestnut Hill Local)

As lead council in hundreds of civil and criminal trials over his three decades in private practice, Glenside attorney, Brian P. McVan, has defended some of the most notorious criminals in the region, writes Len Lear for Chestnut Hill Local.

“I’ve had people who did the worst things imaginable,” said McVan in an interview with Chestnut Hill Local. “They are seriously mentally ill or severely drug addicted, but I realize that when you do something so bad, the compassion button goes off.”

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Among the many horrific cases, some really stand-out such as defending Thomas Meconnahey, who murdered Christopher Gambino of Plymouth Township.

“I asked my client, ‘Why did you kill him?’ He said it was because he found the other man in bed with his wife,” recalled McVan. ”He was going to break the man’s legs with a baseball bat, but he didn’t. Then he was going to cut his balls off, but he thought that might piss the guy off, so he shot him in the head instead.”

His client then buried the victim with help from his wife in the crawl space of their Ambler home. He was found guilty of third degree murder, but only received a seven and a half year sentence.

Read the entire interview at Chestnut Hill Local by clicking here.

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