Two Newborn Jaguar Cubs Born at Elmwood Park Zoo

Elmwood Park Zoo's new jaguar cubs were born to the zoo’s two adult jaguars, Inka and Zean. (Photo via Elmwood Park Zoo)

The Elmwood Park Zoo nearly caused a cute overload as two jaguar cubs joined the zoo’s family on January 24, writes Dan McQuade for Philadelphia Magazine.

The cubs were born to the zoo’s two adult jaguars, Inka and Zean which came there on October 12th of last year.

The birth of the cubs came as somewhat of a surprise to the zookeepers as the two had never successfully mated before. But, according to the zoo, the proud mother and her two babies are already doing well.

The newcomers had perfect timing, as Elmwood Park Zoo is currently working on opening a new jaguar exhibit named ‘Trail of the Jaguar’.

The new exhibit is scheduled to open in the spring. The zoo decided to introduce Inka and Zean before the exhibit was launched so that they could get used to zoo’s atmosphere and feel more comfortable with their new environment. With this surprise birth, it seems that this is not an issue.

However, Inka and her two cubs will stay out of the exhibit for a few more months. They will move into into their new enclosure once the cubs are a little older and ready to face the public.

Read more about the two cute newcomers at Philadelphia Magazine by clicking here.


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