Marijuana Manufacturer Considers Limerick Site as Possible Location for Production

Allowing the use of cannabis to help wean people off of opioids may have the greatest impact on the state. New Jersey was the first to approve “addiction substitute therapy for opioid reduction” last month. ( file photo)

Montgomery County could become the home of one of the state’s first legalized marijuana production facilities, if Limerick officials approve a proposal submitted by Keystone Medical Cannabis, writes Eric Devlin for Daily Local News.

The medical marijuana manufacturer was founded by Limerick resident Noel Billingsley, who presented his plan before the Limerick Board of Supervisors last Tuesday.

Billingsley stated that his intention is to obtain a medical marijuana growing and processing license for his organization from the Pennsylvania Department of Health and start the manufacturing process in a facility at 880 Enterprise Drive.

The aim of the presentation was to start to convince the community to put their support behind the application, which would increase the organization’s chances of gaining the highly coveted state license.

If the application is successful, Keystone will become a member of a very small group of businesses that will be allowed to grow and process medical marijuana products statewide, in agreement with state law.

“The products manufactured in our facility are specific to medical patients that qualify in any one of the 17 conditions outlined in the rules and regulations from the department of health,” stated Billingsley.

Read more about the proposed facility at Daily Local News by clicking here.


Top photo credit: Design and Photography Grapefruit (Cannabis Sativa) via photopin (license)

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