Interactive Wikimap Aims to Increase Cycling in Ambler

): In an attempt to increase cycling in Ambler, the Montgomery County Planning Commission has implemented an interactive Wikimap for users.

With the benefits of cycling ranging from better health to helping preserve the environment, the Montgomery County Planning Commission is working on getting people of all ages outside on their bikes, writes Ryan Genova for The Ambler Gazette.

To help achieve this, the commission has started the Bike MontCo initiative. Its interactive Wikimap allows users to contribute to a bicycle mobility plan and gives them an opportunity to share their favorite routes and highlight obstacles to safe riding.

The website, run by the MCPC, currently features dozens of suggestions from local resident along with popular cycling destinations across Montgomery County. Officials have already noted that one of the most requested features in the multimodal plan is more bike racks at Ambler’s SEPTA station.

“We have a number of things we want to do,” said Mayor Jeanne Sorg. “We want more people to bike to work and bike for fun. For one thing, the health benefits are significant.”

Another vital component of the plan is encouraging awareness and road-sharing.

“We also want to get more kids biking,” explained Sorg. “It’s a walkable community. We want it to be bikeable as well,” she noted.

Read more about the plans at The Ambler Gazette by clicking here.


Top photo credit: Ian Sane BIKETOWN via photopin (license)