Tired Hands’ Hop Hands Brew Offers Something for All Craft Beer Enthusiasts

Hop Hands brew by Ardmore’s Tired Hands Brewing Company offers something for all craft beer enthusiasts, whether they are hoppy beer fans or not.--photo via Paste Magazine.

Thanks to its delicious IPA beers, Ardmore ‘s Tired Hands Brewing Company has gained prominence among Philadelphia and East Coast craft beer lovers with fans across the country as well, writes Billy Steele for Paste Magazine.

Hop Hands, the brewery’s American Pale Ale, has a hazy golden orange hue reminiscent of a glass of fruit juice. The haziness is emphasized by the addition of oats during the brewing process which is a staple ingredient for beers made in the New England-style. The foam fades mostly to the edge of the glass on pouring and leaves a lacing around the outside while drinking it.

Also, while Hop Hands is a very flavorful Pale Ale, it does not overwhelm the palate. This makes the beer more approachable for people who are not that big of fans of hoppy beers. However, it still offers plenty for passionate fans of this style of beer as well.

With an alcohol level of 5.5%, Hop Hands is flavorful and a lower ABV brew. It is currently available on tap and in 16 oz. cans.

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