Norristown Family Practitioner and Plymouth Meeting Deacon Deliver Laughs While Tackling Serious Topics in Their Podcast

David Bjorkgren
Christopher Drumm, (left), with Peter McKenney. Image via Katie Kohler, MONTCO.Today.

Dr. Christopher Drumm, a Norristown family practitioner with the Einstein Healthcare Network, and Deacon Peter McKenney, a lay leader at Store House Church in Plymouth Meeting, are delivering laughs while tackling surprising subjects on their Doc and the Deacon podcast, writes Katie Kohler for the Main Line Today.

The pair has already recorded 35 episodes of the popular podcast that combines science and religion in a TV pilot they are pitching to networks.

The duo started the podcast with a $25 microphone, a few beers, and a joint irreverence toward many touchy subjects.

“The topics are already serious enough,” said McKenney. “For us, it was, ‘How can we approach them in a lighthearted way?’ We never planned the funny.”

Now, they are trying to transfer their chemistry to small screens all across the nation. The pilot they recorded has people with significant life issues reaching out to Drumm and McKenney, who offer them advice based on their experience.

“I’m here to be helpful and maybe have ways for people to learn and laugh at the same time,” said Drumm.

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