Spring House Institute Says Gray is the “It” Color

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Spring House’s Paint Quality Institute has highlighted gray as the current favorite color for spaces ranging from home interiors to elegant office settings.

Colors are known to go in and out of fashion rapidly when it comes to interior design, but according to Spring House’s Paint Quality Institute, gray has managed to establish itself as both a current and future favorite, according to a staff report from West Hartford News.

“Gray, in all its variations, has emerged as the overwhelming choice of designers for spaces ranging from home interiors to elegant office settings, and everything in between,” explained Debbie Zimmer, color expert for the Paint Quality Institute.

According to Zimmer, versatility is the secret to gray’s success, as in addition to the color’s natural beauty, it is perfectly neutral allowing it to work alongside other soft tints. Alternatively, it can also serve as the perfect foil for vibrant accent colors.

Considering that its shades work with so many colors, it is very easy to change the complete appearance of a room simply by repainting an accent wall in a different hue.

“It’s almost impossible to go wrong when using gray as the basis for your color scheme,” said Zimmer.

Read more about gray’s popularity at West Hartford News by clicking here.

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