Coyote Crossing Mexican Restaurant in Conshohocken Celebrates Two Decades of Success

Carlos Melendez started Coyote Crossing in 1996.--photo via Ed Hille,

For two decades, lovers of Mexican food in Conshohocken have been getting away from the commercial bustle of Fayette Street to enjoy the delicious meals offered by Coyote Crossing, writes Michael Klein for

The restaurant, set in an old house converted into a bar, was founded by Mexican native Carlos Melendez who has lived in the Philadelphia area for nearly a quarter of a century.

Starting the restaurant was not easy. Twenty years ago Mexican cuisine was not as popular, and opening an establishment in mostly blue-collar neighborhood earned Melendez a lot of abuse and death threats.

While the business struggled at the start, things turned around as Conshohocken started to grow, Melendez told

According to Melendez, changing times have brought more food channels and more demanding customers.

“Back then, you used to be able to put enchiladas on your menu and some fajitas and some tacos and you’d be able to make it,” he explained. “Right now, everybody sells that, so you need to come up with more creativity to survive. What I’ve learned is: If you don’t evolve, you fall behind.”

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