Baseball Card Bought at Fort Washington Show Causes Years Long Standoff

: Baseball card of Jewish player Guy Zinn bought at a Fort Washington show has created a standoff between the current owner and a potential buyer.--photo via New York Times.

A baseball card bought in Montgomery County has caused a year’s long standoff between its current owner and a buyer looking to add to his collection, writes Ben Berkon for The New York Times.

Dan McKee bought the 1914 card for $2,500 in 1995 at a Fort Washington show which features Guy Zinn, a Jewish baseball player. However recently, Chicago real estate developer Jeff Aeder set his eyes on the card, believed to be the only one still in existence.

After negotiating on the original $250,000 price tag, Aeder offered $125,000 for the card in 2014. But the deal fell through at the last minute, after the card was graded just 1 out of 10.

Despite the low grading, McKee refused to renegotiate. Meanwhile Aeder claimed that if Zinn was not a Jewish player, the card would only be worth around $10,000.”

“If you talk to any dealer or collector, they’ll say McKee’s idea of value is the most overblown, crazy valuation of all time,” he added.

The two men have not been in contact since, but Aeder is hoping that another card will surface for him to add to his collection.

Read more about the card’s history at The New York Times by clicking here.

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