King of Prussia’s Relay Network Offers an Innovative Way to Provide Customer Service


King of Prussia  startup Relay Network is helping several major companies including Comcast and Citizens Bank reinvent customer support through its private messaging service, writes Heather Clancy for Fortune.

Comcast signed up for Relay’s app in September last year to better manage communication on upgrades to its new digital video services which is used by around 2 million people. The use of Relay’s software reduced calls to Comcast’s customer support team by 40 percent, along with a 13 percent reduction in field service visits.

Matt Gillin, CEO of Relay Networks, described the company’s technology as similar to a private Twitter feed which can be personalized for a specific audience.

“Our big idea is to establish a person connection,” he said. “It is also bi-directional.”

According to Gillin, it usually takes between 30 and 90 days for Relay’s messaging system to be integrated with a company’s existing customer service or communications channels.

Relay has so far raised around $28 million in backing including a $12 million infusion in June, part of which came from its parent company, Independence Blue Cross.

Read more about Relay’s service at Fortune by clicking here.

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