Glenside Attorney Pedles to Atlantic City, Raises $70K for Fallen Officers’ Families

The Irish Pub Tour de Shore is run by the Irish Pub Children's Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising money for children in need and the families of fallen police officers and fire fighters in the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey Area.

For the fourth consecutive year, and third with his daughters, Michael F. Dunn, Esq. participated in the Irish Pub Tour de Shore, a 65-mile bike ride in July that begins at the Irish Pub on 20th and Walnut streets in Philadelphia and ends at the Irish Pub in Atlantic City.

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This time, Dunn wrote about his experience for the Montgomery Bar Association.

The Tour de Shore was established to raise money for various fallen officer associations and children’s charities in the Philadelphia area. In order to participate, each rider must raise a minimum of $200 per person for the fund.

Dunn and his daughters, Christy (28) and Catherine (26), rode as members of Wheels of Justice, the official team of the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.

This year, the Wheels of Justice team alone raised almost $70,000. The combined total of all the Tour teams (approximately 2,500 riders) was more than $1 million.

“When I announced to my family four years ago that I was going to do a bicycle ride from Philadelphia to the shore, they thought that I was nuts (not the first time) and that I would probably pass out while on the way,” wrote Dunn.

“They insisted that I periodically update them with progress reports while en route. After I successfully completed the Tour that first year, my two oldest daughters decided to join me.”

Michael F. Dunn

For Dunn, one of the biggest thrills of the ride occurred early as he rode over the Ben Franklin Bridge, which was closed to automobile traffic during the event.

“You never notice how much of a rising grade there is going over the Ben Franklin Bridge until you do it on a bicycle,” Dunn wrote. “After cresting the arch of the bridge, you pick up a good amount of speed as you proceed downhill towards the toll booths.

“Unfortunately, due to the combination of speed and congestion, this area has been the scene of several ugly bike accidents over the years.”

According to Dunn, the exertion involved in the Tour de Shore makes it that much more of a rewarding experience, one that benefits some very worthy charities.

Read the entire story of Dunn’s ride to Atlantic City on page 18 of the Fall 2016 edition of Sidebar.

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