Blind Pottstown Native Transfers Home for Senior Year of High School, Contributes to Football Team

Pottstown native Marvin Pearson transferred to his hometown high school for his senior year, and being blind hasn't prevented him from contributing to the football team. Photos courtesy of Sam Stewart, Digital First Media.

He has lived for the day he’d see the football field through the mask of a Trojans helmet. And while he technically can’t see it, that day has come for Marvin Pearson.

The Pottstown native transferred from the Overbrook School for the Blind to Pottstown High School for his senior year, and he now stands shoulder to shoulder with his peers on the football team.

“I’ve known a lot of these kids for so long that when I was finally able to suit up, I felt blessed,” Pearson said in a PA Prep Live feature by Sam Stewart. “Even though I can’t see, God blessed me with athletic ability, to be strong and to be fast. It felt really good to be on the field playing the sport that I love the most.”

Marvin Pearson is flanked by Zack Griffin, left, and Draeden Gwinner.
Senior Marvin Pearson is flanked by freshman Zack Griffin, left, and Draeden Gwinner, a 6-foot-9, 315-pound junior.

No. 28’s battle with blindness began in second grade, but it hasn’t kept him from doing what he loves.

“Pearson does what any player does,” Stewart wrote. “He participates in drills in practice, warms up, and sprints out with the team for games.

“With the help of his ‘play-by-play analyst,’ freshman Zack Griffin, Pearson is kept in the know of each play, where receivers line up, the score, the time, down and distance, and when to yell out the ‘motion, motion’ call.”

Click here to read more about Pearson’s journey and the feat he accomplished on the Pottstown football field from PA Prep Live.

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